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Place of Origin: China Ningbo
16A,250V,VDE approved
a) RoHS compliant
b) Applicable cables:
H03VV-F 3G0.5
H03VV-F 3G0.75
H05VV-F: 3G0.75
H05VV-F: 3G1.0
H05VV-F: 3G1.5
H05RR-F: 3G0.75
H05RR-F: 3G1.0
H05RR-F: 3G1.5
H05RN-F: 3G0.75
H05RN-F: 3G1.0
H07RN-F: 3G1.0
H07RN-F: 3G1.5
H03RT-F: 3G0.75
H03RT-F: 3G1.0
H05V2V2-F: 3G0.75
H05V2V2-F: 3G1.0
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